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Bio-Sim Corporation has developed two proprietary technologies: (1) a powerful 3-dimensional, object-oriented, anatomical database (i.e., Digital Human®) and (2) a platform independent radiographic (e.g., CT, MRI, etc.) on-line volume rendering system (i.e., OLiVeR®). The Company utilizes these technology platforms to develop interactive software and internet applications.

 •  Participated in numerous projects for Golden – globe winning Hollywood shows,
 •  Been involved in nearly half a billion of medical-legal case work,
 •  Met with global industry leaders (i.e., Google®, Storz®, Genzyme®, Ipsen, Elsevier®, NASA, and STATS, LLC),
 • Presented at the Society for Automotive Engineering (SAE),
 •  Digital Human is currently being used in lieu of cadavers by the American Medical College of Homeopathy (AMCH).

Bio-Sim has two strategic business units, Digital Human® and OLiVeR® Technologies™. These business units and company utilize Bio-Sim's core technologies in different combinations to develop and deliver applications to different markets. Digital Human and OLiVeR Technologies' software, internet and mobile applications serve legal, education, healthcare, and informatics markets. Intelligent Simulations™ utilize the combined power of the Digital Human's 3-D anatomical database and OLiVeR's data image tools for Hollywood productions, simulations / animations, and client-specific and medically forensic medical-legal services.


Bio-Sim Corporation's vision is to create interactive and disruptive 3D applications that create paradigm shifts in the way people access, interact with, and process information, primarily in the medical and health related domains.


Bio-Sim Corporation is a privately held Delaware Corporation, based in Arizona.

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