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Digital Human® for iPad is an unparalleled, real-time, fully interactive, 3-D, human anatomy browser. With unsurpassed detail, it boasts over 4,000 detailed anatomical structures, more than any other anatomical model set. It has been featured on numerous Hollywood shows, including Grey’s Anatomy®.

Now for the first time ever, you can experience the ultimate interactive anatomical experience, and leverage the full capability of the iPad's internal hardware. For a short time, Digital Human® is only $9.99 USD, 50% off the base price of $19.99 USD.

$9.99 USD

 •  Unparalleled detail
 •  Low memory usage allows app multitasking
 •  Fast, interactive, customizable labeling
 •  Real-time dissection
 •  Transparency allows viewing of deep, embedded structures!
 •  View from ANY angle, any time, regardless of depth or breadth
 •  Toggle anatomical systems on and off in real-time while viewing the entire body
 •  Interactive and real-time anatomical search allows anatomical structures to be located in seconds
 •  Responsive interaction allows navigating everything at once with no loading times during interaction
 •  More than 4000 independent and specific anatomical male structures!
 •  Runs on all versions of iPad's*

*Note: iPad 1 interactive performance will be diminished, but will still operate. The limited amount of memory on the iPad 1 might be an issue and a restart of the iPad 1 might be required to operate Digital Human. iPad 2 or higher recommended.

For technical support and user guide please visit our support page.

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