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Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds are granular views of specific cases detailing the approach to the case and explaining why the particular exhibits were created. Often times there is variance between a firm’s exhibit requests, experts’ exhibit needs, and the capabilities necessary to capture critical information with the right technology and deliver it in a contextually relevant manner. Grand Rounds demonstrate how Bio-Sim’s proprietary technologies can provide attorneys with incredible exhibit solutions to help solve even the most intractable cases.

Hypoxia Event

A 17 - month old child was admitted to a hospital with mitral incompetence, or insufficiency, a condition where the heart's mitral valve doesn't close tightly...

Contrast Injection

A woman in a hospital was scheduled for a CT scan with contrast. At the time, she had an existing IV line in her arm...

Metastatic Tumor

A male computer programmer in his early forties, diagnosed with a brain tumor, was imaged with MRI, in preparation for the removal of the tumor...

Helmet Slip

A 7 – year old Caucasian male was riding his bicycle without a helmet and was struck by a pickup truck when entering the street from between two parked cars...

Freeway Accident

A car jumps an improperly placed median on a section of highway, where previous accidents have occurred...

Tracheal Tumor

A young woman had a tumor surrounding her trachea which was encroaching on her heart...

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