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Timeline Is a dynamic and interactive timeline backed by a powerful database, which offers unprecedented flexibility. It allows users to input disparate data types, search categories, display and print customized views and reports, sort data, select various time intervals, and more.

With Timeline you can…

 •  Simultaneously prepare all experts for depositions and trial.
 •  Have your deponents completely prepared, never have your deponents blindsided or surprised again.
 •  Compile and summarize critical elements for attorneys… easily and effortlessly.
 •  Highlight specific information, then customize and save views for deposition or trial preparation.
 •  Save and identify critical elements and events and recall them instantly, months or even years later.
 •  Particularly useful to identify short windows of criticality so prevalent in medical malpractice cases.
 •  Save significant time and money expenditures on experts, and avoid laborious record review “downtime” during deposition.

Click on the image below to interact with an actual example. Click here to complete the Timeline request form and someone will respond to your inquiry.

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