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OLiVeR® is short for On-Line Volume Rendering. OLiVeR® Technologies is strategic business unit of the Bio-Sim Corporation, responsible for the proprietary OLiVeR® core and derivative modules of this patented platform. OLiVeR® and its derivative modules (i.e., OLiVeR® Draw, OLiVeR® Sound, and OLiVeR® Demand) harness advanced internet technologies, making possible real-time interactivity with multiple radiographic imaging modalities (e.g., CT, MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound, etc.) without the burden and cost of expensive hardware. Bio-Sim has utilized OLiVeR® extensively for private expert collaborations to do video and exhibit creation for its Intelligent SimulationsTM product line, for medical - legal and Hollywood production markets.
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