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OLiVeR® DrawTM a module of the OLiVeR® platform providing advanced real-time 2-way annotation, communication and collaboration capabilities, without the need for special or expensive hardware. Users log into the platform with a standard web-browser, (e.g., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari) through a secure individual account. Depending upon individual rights, (e.g., teacher or student, physician or patient, etc.) users can access customizable dashboards which display image studies which have been created by, or assigned to, them. Through the use of the patent-pending heads-up display, users can utilize and assign draw, annotation and collaboration functionalities on the left image without occluding their view of the actual image on the right. This functionality can also be used in real-time and interactively during live consultations with individuals or groups using the broadcasting or multi-casting functions, respectively. Since it is internet based, OLiVeR Draw is extremely cost effective and infinitely scalable solution, requiring only an internet connected computer and web-browser.

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